This database is an online reference tool designed to provide practical support to teachers looking for continuous professional development opportunities in the area of inclusion and special educational needs. It has been compiled to bring together, in one place, an extensive range of information relating to CPD options, delivered by a variety of different providers.

The database can be searched for CPD opportunities in a number of ways e.g. by type of provider (for example 'online' or 'third level institution') by disability focus (e.g. 'visual impairment' or 'ASD') or by school type. There are nine different search fields in total.

Each individual entry provides summary information, including course aims, content, duration, entry requirements, methods of delivery and assessment methods. The entry also signposts the database user to individual providers via the provision of website addresses. As such, the database should be viewed as a mechanism which supplements rather than replaces provider sources of information (e.g. course information literature, prospectus, websites).

Please note in relation to the course type 'summer programme' funded by the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills and provided in July by the Drumcondra Education Centre, individual courses provided under this programme can change annually. As a result, they are not listed here. Users should contact the Teacher Education Section or the Drumcondra Education Centre for a list of courses being offered each summer.

Type of provider
Type of course
Type of qualification
Course Title
School type
Method of delivery
Disability Focus
Assessment Involved

This database was compiled for the NCSE by Dr Carmel Duggan, independent research consultant.

A summary of how information for the database was gathered, plus its content and themes relating to the content, can be found here.

The database is fully up to date as of end of April 2016. However, as many providers update their CPD calendars frequently, particularly for shorter courses, some of the specific information in the database will be out of date at different times.

A full review of the content of the database will occur on a periodic basis. However, if you are a CPD provider and wish to provide up-to-date information on existing entries in the database, please contact