Current Projects

The following research projects are underway at the NCSE:

  • Growing up in Ireland Data – Outcomes and Experiences of Students with Special Educational Needs

    In 2013 the NCSE commissioned a team of researchers at the Educational Research Centre and St Patrick’s College to analyse data from the Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) study to see what we could learn about the school experiences of children with special educational needs. The GUI study is a Government-funded study of children in Ireland that involved the collection of information from over 8,500 nine year olds in 2007/8. The NCSE analysis initially examined information collected in this first wave to try to identify how many children were reported as having special educational or learning needs, and to assess how they were faring at school, both educationally and socially. The analysis examined information on a range of their experiences and outcomes such as reading and maths tests, school attendance, social activities and friendships, their experiences of bullying, of liking school and school subjects, and so on.

    It also outlines a range of background factors about these children to try to understand the context of their lives and how these factors might be linked with their experiences at school. The report from this initial analysis is available to download here.

    The research team is now working on an analysis of data from these children at age 13, when they were revisited by the GUI study. This second analysis will highlight what progress students have made since they were nine, how they transitioned to post primary school, and whether their needs have changed over time.

    Educational Experiences and Outcomes for Children with Special Educational Needs: A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Growing Up in Ireland Study Principal Investigator: Dr Jude Cosgrove, Educational Research Centre.