Research Framework

In 2008, the Council agreed a strategic Research Framework to guide the NCSE’s research work programmes. This Framework was informed by the NCSE Strategy Statement 2008- 2011, priorities set out in the NCSE Implementation Plan (2006) and a public consultation process. A wide range of over one hundred stakeholders were invited to suggest priority research themes. In addition, public advertisements were placed in numerous national papers and on this website. Forty two written submissions were received.

From this exercise, four priority research themes were identified, each with a number of sub themes. All research commissioned by the NCSE must relate to one of these themes.

Theme 1: The experiences of children with special educational needs, and the experiences of their parents

    1. Access to and experiences of inclusive education and the curriculum.
    2. Outcomes for children with SEN.

Theme 2: Best practice/policies in provision for children with SEN

    1. Educational planning to meet individual special educational needs.
    2. Assessment of SEN.
    3. Effective pedagogy and curriculum issues.
    4. School capacity and the nature of support measures and resources.

Theme 3: Staff and support issues

a. Training and development needs of teachers, support staff and other professionals.

b. Collaboration and partnership working within and between education and other services.

Theme 4: Improved data collection

a. Prevalence of SEN/disability.

b. Incidence level of particular conditions.