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Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by holding down modifier keys and typing keys defined on the web site.

The modifier keys for the main browsers are given in the following table:


Further information and other browser access keys can be found on Wikipedia – here

The home page and all content pages are defined sitewide by the following access keys:

Access Key 1 – Home Page

Access Key 2 – About Us

Access Key 3 – Information for Parents

Access Key 4 – Information for Schools

Access Key 5 – Research

Access Key 6 – Statistics

Access Key 7 – Policy Advice

Access Key 8 – Publications

Access Key 9 – Contact Us

Navigation Aids

1.    Top level navigation is visible at all times.

2.    All forms have associated labels with form controls.

3.    All content pages spawned from lists, have a back to list link.

4.    The home page and all internal pages include a search box.

Contact Us

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