Database of SEN Research & Policy in Ireland

This database is an online reference tool designed to provide practical support to those doing research in the area of special education.

It includes over 3,000 references to relevant Irish research or policy publications available since 2000.

The database will help users to find out what range of Irish material is available on any given topic within this field very quickly.

References can be searched in a number of ways e.g. by theme (for example ‘curriculum’) by special educational need category (e.g. ‘autism’) or by author.

Each individual reference provides users with all of the information required to help them source the relevant publication (from Government departments, academic journals or libraries and so on).

* Please note that the database is not an on-line library and does not provide electronic links to the publications themselves.

This database was compiled for the NCSE by a team at St Patrick’s College, Dublin.

Reports on the original inventory exercise to identify research and policy publications for inclusion in the database up to 2011, and the update from 2011-2013, are available under the Research Reports tab on this website.

Click here to view the database of SEN Research & Policy in Ireland.