For Parents

Information for Parents

This section of the website has been designed specifically to meet the information requirements of parents. The information on the website will act as a useful resource for parents in reassuring them that children with special educational needs will be catered for.

The National Council for Special Education offers support for parents through its network of Special Educational Needs Organisers (SENO) within designated geographical areas. To find out more about the functions of the NCSE please click here. Each SENO has responsibility for specific schools, primary, post primary and special, within their area. In general, the role of the SENO ensures that a child with special educational needs receives the supports they are entitled to.

In dealing with parents of children with special educational needs, SENOs will keep parents informed of what resourcing decisions are being made on their child’s behalf. The SENO will also discuss any concerns that parents have about the present or future educational needs of their child. SENOs recognise that parents/guardians are the key stakeholders with regard to the child and are committed to forging good relationships with parents and parent groups. The SENO is available to parents to discuss any issues they have and to offer support and expertise. SENOs are also available to give presentations to groups of parents, advocacy groups etc.

Over the last number of years, a number of initiatives have been piloted with a view to identifying how a structured information process might be developed e.g. meetings with parents who are enrolling their children in primary or post primary schools, or parents who are seeking the establishment of a special class or home tuition for their children.

To find out the name of the SENO and their contact details in your area please click here.