Twitter Policy

Who we are

We are the National Council for Special Education (NCSE). You can find us @ncseirl

We support an inclusive education system that enables students and adults with special educational needs to achieve their potential.

We have five core values:

  1. Student-centred: students and adults with special educational needs are at the centre of what we do.
  1. Equity and equality-focused: we allocated additional resources fairly to schools in line with the needs of students to receive an appropriate education.
  1. Evidence-informed: we base policy advice on research evidence, national and international best practice, consultation with our stakeholders and expert knowledge.
  1. Expert-led: we are experts in what we do and are a source of valuable information, guidance and support.
  1. Consultation-focussed: we engage in regular and extensive consultation with our stakeholders.

What we do:

  1. We plan, co-ordinate and review the provision of additional education supports to schools that enrol students with special educational needs in line with Department of Education and Skills (DES) policy.
  1. We provide the Minister for Education and Skills with expert, independent, evidence-informed policy advice on special education for students and young adults.
  1. We commission, conduct and share research on national and international practice on all aspects of special education.
  1. We review and advise on the continuing options available in further and higher education for adults with special educational needs.
  1. We provide information on special education to all who need it.
  1. We adapt and respond to change while maintaining our core functions.

Twitter usage and replies

We use Twitter as a broadcast tool only to share information with people who are interested in special educational needs.

We do not use Twitter as a discussion forum: we do not engage with tweets addressed to us.

Sending a message via Twitter is not considered as contacting the NCSE for official purposes. The best means of communicating a query to the NCSE is by contacting head office at info@ncse.ie or 046-9486400, or via our network of Special Educational Needs Organisers (SENOs). SENO contact details can be found here.

Please do not include personal/private information about you or anybody else if you tweet us.

We reserve the right to block and report inappropriate and abusive tweets.

We will tweet about

  • New information for parents and schools
  • Links to new research reports, policies or guidelines
  • Events, such as our annual research conference
  • Press releases on NCSE activities
  • Alerts about new content on our website

Who we follow

Our policy is to only follow other government departments, agencies, relevant European partners, advocacy and parents groups.  However, being followed by us, or us using hashtags or mentioning other accounts, does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Twitter account management and availability

The NCSE’S Twitter account is operated by the Research and Communications unit.

Twitter may be unavailable from time to time for reasons outside our control.  We accept no responsibility for this.