Research Framework

In 2015, the Council agreed the latest NCSE Research Framework to guide the future programme of research.  The Framework was informed by a consultation process with approximately 40 stakeholders, including parent and disability groups, teachers unions, management and professional bodies, academia, and statutory bodies. Specifically, each group/organisation was invited to suggest broad research themes for the NCSE to pursue in the forthcoming period. The views of the NCSE Consultative Forum were also sought in this regard.

From this exercise, four priority research themes were identified, some containing a number of sub-themes, which are outlined below. All research commissioned by the NCSE relates to one of these themes.

Theme 1: Experiences of children and adults with special educational needs and their outcomes

  • Access- placement, resources and curriculum
  • Transitions at all educational levels
  • Outcomes for children and adults with SEN
  • Parental/guardian experiences

Theme 2: Policy, practice and provision for children and adults with SEN

  • Educational planning- individual and whole school level
  • Assessment of and for learning
  • Pedagogy and curriculum issues
  • School and system supports and resources

Theme 3: School staff Issues and Partnership Working

  • School staff capacity
  • Professional learning needs of all staff and impact of professional learning
  • Partnership working within schools, across schools and with external agencies/ professionals
  • Partnership at system/policy level

Theme 4: Data Collection

  • Data on outcomes for students with SEN including data on attendance, participation and retention
  • SEN prevalence rates- comparison of Irish rates with international trends
  • Statistics to inform planning and policy